Countryside Management
Locations: We undertake projects across the south and southwest. Please contact us to discuss your requirements. From farms to estates, we offer a wide range of professional services, some of which are summarised below.
Agricultural fencing
This includes paddocks, livestock and pig fencing, post and rail, deer fencing and chicken runs. This type of fencing can be used for livestock-proofing, subdividing and setting boundaries.
Ditch clearing
This service comprises hire of digger and driver for the maintenance of land drainage around agricultural land. We will work with you to advise whether creating new ditches will be cheaper than clearing and repairing existing ones.
Hedge laying
A traditional way of maintaining a hedge. Hedges which are not maintained may allow cattle to push through or sheep to walk through the base. Partly cut stems are laid over at an angle and stakes are driven into the hedge and bound along the top. This makes the hedge into a fence-like structure and strong enough to resist leaning livestock.
Drystone walling
A construction from stones without the use of mortar, in which the interlocking stones hold the wall together. Frequently used for the construction of field boundaries. We can provide new drystone walls or maintenance services for older ones which need repairs as a result of weathering.
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